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Basotho Blanket Basics

Nini Klass, from Sparrow Society, shares with us some cultural insights on this statement piece of clothing. You are just a click away from learning how to wear the blanket for both males and females, including discovering the different elements included in this vibrant blanket AND you’ll get to meet the talented seamstress and seamster behind the making of the Sparrow Society Basotho Jackets.

The Art of the Basotho Blanket

The movie Black Panther may have made these beautiful “African blankets” world famous, but the beauty in the Basotho blanket is found in its history and in its cultural significance among the Basotho people of Lesotho and South Africa. Nini Klass, one of the fabulous members of the Sparrow Society family in South Africa, shares …

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Elizabeth Arden #MakeaVisibleDifference Community Hero Award!

“The Elizabeth Arden Make A Visible Difference campaign honours, connects and empowers extra-ordinary South Africans striving to build a better future within their communities.” Our founder, Kate Senekal, was honoured as one of the 4 Community Heroes this year and Elizabeth Arden SA awarded Sparrow Society a R40,000 donation for “Making a Visible Difference”!

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