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Why? Because People Matter.
and Stuff is never just Stuff. Stuff is made by real people, with real hopes & dreams and real value. When we choose to buy ethically-made products, we choose to sustainably support REAL people.

Sparrow Society was founded in 2013 with a vision to

Change the World One Really Cool Product at a Time

Custom Branded, Ethically Made Products

White Label (Your Brand, Your Way)

Our amazing high quality product, your brand style.  Customize your print, zip color, size and even a branded label.

Ethically Made

All our products are ethically made with a purpose to empower & encourage. We follow fair trade policies and offer extended benefits to our Creators.


Creating high quality products is incredibly important to us, not only to satisfy our customers, but because it fulfills one of our core missions to truly empower, uplift and train our Creators to be their very best. Creating an ethos of EXCELLENCE is paramount to this goal.


We have strict quality control guidelines to make sure all our products look exactly the way they are supposed to. Because we sell online and in largely wholesale capacities, it is very important to us to create our products with a consistency that our customers can trust.


We are a brand that cares. We care that you have deadlines. We care about your time and your investment. We do our very best to ensure that the promises we make are always kept. We go the extra mile to ensure that we are able to fulfill deadlines for orders placed and that a quality product is always delivered.


We follow strict international quality standards, complete with AGOA certification. Sparrow Society is a registered legal entity in both South Africa (NPC) and in the USA (LLC). We export often, work with reliable customs brokers, and are able to see the product all the way through to delivery.

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