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Happy Nelson Mandela Day

On this day we celebrate the birthday of one South Africa’s greatest men, Nelson Mandela. This is the first year that we will be celebrating this day after his passing and as such, will be heavily weighted with sadness in his absence. We do, however, have the amazing opportunity to continue his work and honour

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Kamersvol Product Catalogue Cover

With just 6 days to go until Kamers starts at the Castle in Cape Town, we are busy busy getting all our stock together! We have some amazing new products that we will be showcasing and we’ve reinvited the old favourites 🙂 Today, Kamers and CCDI launched their product catalogue and to our delight our

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Video – Madiba Poem by Bothlale Boikanyo

In all that has been broadcasted over the past month to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela, none has captured me as deeply as this beautiful tribute poem by Bothlale Boikanyo peformed on SA Got Talent last year. Truly inspiring and well worth a share.

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Nelson Mandela – A Celebration of a Life Well Lived

Today, South Africa is overwhelmed with sadness at the passing of Nelson Mandela, more affectionately known as “Tata Madiba”. Mandela’s efforts at a peaceful transition and radical reconciliation laid an incredible foundation for which all South African’s are forever indebted. It is now time for us to decide how we will build upon that foundation.

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Hijacking #TIA

Dear Everybody who lives in – or who has every visited – Africa, In today’s world of xoxo’s, lol’s, rotfl’s, yolo’s, and molo’s (ok, the last one is a Xhosa greeting) our generation is fast reducing our language to short, catchy and “hashtag-able” acronyms that are not only tweeted, but somehow find their way to

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Ubuntu Development

I read an article this week on that opened with the line, “A EUROPEAN COW receives six times as much aid as the average African south of Sahara.” It caused quite a stir – so much so that this article, written 5 years ago, is STILL being circulated. The article goes on to explain

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Video // The Way We Think About Charity – Dan Pallotta

Meet Dan Pallotta ^ We are all about Responsible Giving, and this video is definitely a great introduction on the workings of the NGO sector to better understand your investment. He speaks on an important mind-shift that needs to happen in the world of development if we are going to be sustainable. I highly recommend

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Arts & Culture Indaba

We had the privilege of being a part of a group of people collaborating for the first Arts & Culture Indaba put on by the City of Cape Town. Our two sessions were “Fostering Inter-culturalism and social cohesion” and “Cultural Entrepreneurship”. There were so many people and organisations represented from different sectors which allowed for

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