#KnowWhoMadeIt – Sparrow Collab with Proudly Macassar Pottery

We are spreading our wings and launching a new range of products under the name “Sparrow Collective”.

In our trips to visit our friends in the various informal settlements around Cape Town we have come into contact with some amazing businesses that are already doing creative work right in the heart of their communities. With Sparrow Collective, we hope to bring some awareness to these businesses and be a bridge to getting their products to a larger market by 1) Commissioning ongoing orders and distributing through our network and 2) Sharing their story.

We are so excited to introduce our first Collab with Proudly Macassar Pottery based in Macassar Township just outside of Cape Town.



They make beautiful pottery – and did some custom Coffee Drippers for us that you can buy now online !

#KnowWhoMadeIt : John-Ross Lendor 25 from Proudly Macassar Pottery


1) When did Proudly Macassar Pottery start? and how?
We started in 2010 when potters in London fundraised to start a pottery project here. Gospel singer Trevor Sampson is our patron, and he did the local facilitation.
Our signature products are our clay flutes and drums, made on Trevor’s request. The African Ocarina is our own invention, based on the South American Ocarina (we were a bit rebellious and ditched the finger holes for something different). The UDU clay drum is an ancient Afrian instrument that we want to see revived in all kinds of forms.

2) How many people currently work/train at the site?
Our new manager and four young men

3) Tell me more about your pottery tours, they sound amazing!
When we receive visitors we always ask them to poin to the ground beneath their feet and invite the to shout – It is not dirt, it is music! The Township Clay Experience is a fun, interactive, engaging tool to help ordinary people discover that beauty and value is something we give to objects, not the other way roun. So on one level it is a realy fun way to experience township life in Cape Town from a creative perspective – visitors get a history lesson, get their hands dirty playing with clay, and learn to paint and then play clay drums and flutes. On the other hand, the clay has a way of speaking to you. While having fun, it reminds that townships are great places to be. They are valuable and beautiful indeed.
We call this philosophy the Sound of the Ground. If I am willing to look at the dirt differently, I can turn it into music.

Also – Tickets are live for our storytelling, poetry and music event here .
Also, our band plays clay instruments and can be booked



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