Natural Yogi Natural Deodorant – 50ml


Finally- a natural deodorant that WORKS and SMELLS AMAZING!
With the simple and natural ingredients of bicarbonate of soda in a base of natural oils and waxes, what is amazing about this deodorant is how – it really works!
Natural Yogi deodorant does not block your pores and inhibit perspiration – as with antiperspirants. Rather it absorbs odour and creates a PH-environment that is not conducive to odour-causing microbes. With ingredients that have health-giving values and it’s soothing, frosty texture, it feels great to use.  And no white stains!

Natural Yogi 50ml - Julip

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Natural Yogi 50ml - Musky Citrus

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Natural Yogi 50ml - Camilyang

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Natural Yogi 50ml - Frankincense

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Natural Yogi 50ml - CedarLime

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Vetivert – Vetiver essential oil
Musky Citrus – Pettigrain essential oil
Julip – Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Juniperberry essential oil
CedarLime – Cedar and Lime essential oil
Frankincense – Frankincense essential oil – this is Natural Yogi\’s Vegan variety (no beeswax)
Camilyang/Low Bicarb Sensitive skin variety – Chamomile and Ylang Ylang essential oil
Sensitive Skin/No Bicarb variant lightly scented with Vanilla and Ylang Ylang essential oils

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30ml Jar, 50ml Jar


Vetivert, Musky Citrus, Julip, CedarLime, Frankincense, Camilyang for Semi Sensitive Skin, No Bicarb for Sensitive Skin

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