“Still We Rise” – An anthem for the women of South Africa (and beyond).
For the past year, South Africa’s epidemic of Gender-Based Violence has risen right alongside the growing Covid stats, with our President naming it South Africa’s second pandemic, declaring it as “ a war being waged against the women and children of our country”. Our goal at Sparrow Society is to address this in 2 ways: 1) Economic Empowerment : it has been proven that women are able to financially sustain themselves, they are less prone to abuse and exploitation. Being able to provide for themselves and their children gives them the power of choice. 2) Shifting mindsets around the value and capability of women in a world that thinks women can’t (or shouldn’t) do things – like running businesses, working power tools, leading teams and transforming entire industries.
Over the past 8 years, our team (made up of 95% women) has built a strong reputation for producing quality work, consistently and with excellent and reliable service, bringing a significant amount of textile manufacturing back to SA. We are pushing through negative stereotypes of women in business and manufacturing, and shifting this narrative. We have created a thriving community of entrepreneurial women who support each other and work together to create a safer and more empowering space for all of us. We have proved that not only is it possible, but it is WORKING! This poem and video is dedicated to all the women in Sparrow Society, and to women everywhere – may it encourage you to RISE into all you were created to be!
Written by Sparrow Society, performed by p.a.r.k and produced and mixed by JK for Exilic Music
Video by: Manangerg films
DoP/Colourist: Freddie Reed (freddiereed.com)
Editor: Nick Lear (nicklear.com)
Producer: Simon van Wyk