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In 2017, Sparrow Society partnered with Flick to ethically manufacture their softs line – Tote Bags and Kids Plush Toys. We met up with Frances, the owner of Flick, to learn more about her company, how it all started and what’s NEXT!

Tell us about Flick? Who is Flick?

Flick is my nickname I got from my brothers when I was a little kid. Flickglass was the first product line – fused glass Jewellery which started up around year 2000 while I was still living in the States and working in big Hot Glass and Ceramic Studio’s in the Bay Area. The glass Jewellery became really popular in South Africa and spurred me to move back in 2004 and start my own creative line. The ceramics range came later in 2008. First know as My China Ceramics and now both lines are under the banner of Flick Inc. The ceramic range is slip cast stoneware adorned with my fun illustrations. We also now have a range of Porcelain Jewellery hand painted with 22 carat Gold. I love these as each one is unique. As well as our softs which we created with the help of Sparrow Society in 2017.

What inspired you to start the FLICK product line?

I love creating and making things.. after Art School where I studied Glass work I had my own clothing range and things grew from there. I apprenticed in many studio’s in my twenties. South Africa is a fertile ground for innovation in handmade work, and felt like the right place to start my creative business.

Where does your design inspiration come from?

My inspiration come from the natural South African landscape. Fynbos illustration is a big part of our line and also cute animal illustrations which always make me happy. Colour is also a huge theme for me as the glass is all about colour and we bring splashes of colour into our ceramics range.

What is your best selling product?

Our Fused Glass Studs and our Small Bowls with their cute illustrations.

Any exciting future ideas?

Plenty… the ideas never stop. I wish I had more time! I just launched our new Porcelain Dangle Earrings which I am very excited about. Hand rolled and hand painted. Also we want to start making Stained Glass windows again. Also we’re loving our new softs line of Tote Bags and Kids Plush Toys that we’re doing with Sparrow Society… I’m hoping to grow this line more within the next year.

Do you have a Facebook and Instagram page where people can follow you?

Yes we have both under Flick Inc
Facebook is : 
Instagram is: @flickinc
You can now shop the softs line of Flick directly from the Sparrow Society online store or visit our shop at 11 Atlantic Road, Muizenberg.

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