Research clearly shows that when a woman is able to financially sustain herself, she is less prone to abuse and exploitation.

At Sparrow Society, we aren’t just in the business of creating “really cool products“.

We are in the business of creating options… real options… options for a better future, a safer future, a more empowered future. For all of us.

Gender Based Violence is a reality that many women in South Africa face. By providing economic opportunities for women, we are restoring the power back into her hands to protect herself, provide for her family, and reach for a better future. We do this through a range of skills development, job creation and enterprise development programs and opportunities:

This program works towards women's empowerment by addressing the need for financial stability for survivors to rebuild their lives free from their abuser, and the very real need of girls who lack access to these essential items

Reusable Sanitary Pads

freely distributed to

Young Women throughout Africa

made by

GBV & Human Trafficking Survivors

Empowering Survivors through:


Training in sewing, job readiness and entrepreneurship


Making of reusable sanitary pads


Full Time Social Worker offering group and individual sessions


Creating a network of Survivors who support and encourage one another along the journey to healing

“It’s been quite an experience to be able to walk alongside other women, together, to say, “Actually — we can”.

“It is not just about job creation. It’s about DIGNITY. It’s about OPPORTUNITY. And it’s about seeing new life in the midst of death and chaos.”

a woman's place is, where she wants to be

other programs:

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★ Tech Empowers Women in the Textile Industry ★

We've developed a Business Support App for our SewBosses and distributed smart phones to them to help take their home-businesses into the digital age.
Click HERE to learn more.

We’ve had such great success with this tool that we are expanding it over 2022 and 2023 to include a whole database of entrepreneurship training along with a print version for those who lack data access -- providing a business support tool for women everywhere!

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