Research clearly shows that when a woman is able to financially sustain herself, she is less prone to abuse and exploitation. 

At Sparrow Society, we aren’t just in the business of creating “really cool products“.

We are in the business of creating options… real options… options for a better future, a safer future, a more empowered future.  For all of us.

“It’s been quite an experience to be able to walk alongside other women, together, to say,

“Actually — we can”.

“It is not just about job creation. It’s about DIGNITY. It’s about OPPORTUNITY. And it’s about seeing new life in the midst of death and chaos.”

A Woman’s Place is Wherever She Wants to Be:

Slide Sparrow Society
#ProductsWithPurpose Our main project, Sparrow Society, is focused on reviving textile manufacturing in South Africa through promoting locally and ethically made, high-quality branded tote bags and zip bags for a wide range of retailers and global cosmetic brands. Our training focuses on upskilling seamstresses to reach a high level of quality, consistency and reliability in order to retain and grow client list, both locally and internationally. img Ethical Manufacturing img

Slide #KnowWhoMadeIt Sparrow Society is not a traditional factory, but rather works through the creation of a network of over 100 home-based seamstresses (SewBoss), empowering women with basic business skills and a support network to allow her flexibility and ownership, while maintaining access to ongoing work opportunities and peer support to keep her business sustainable. img Enterprise

Slide "Change the World, but Start with Coffee". Through targeted sourcing, training and messaging, We Rise Coffee aims to create an avenue for women to break into this exciting and rapidly growing industry. We Rise Coffee
Coffee Appreciation
Barista Skills Training
Sales & Customer Service
Job Readiness
img Barista Skills & Sales Training img

Slide #YesSheCan "Empowering girls with a choice for a brighter future through Entrepreneurship Training and Business Incubator"

The Young Entrepreneur Society is a course developed specifically for high school aged girls to introduce them to entrepreneurship themes and opportunities to develop their own business plan and get input from a business mentor.
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Human Trafficking Survivors

We've partnered with A21 to train and empower survivors of human trafficking...


★ Tech Empowers Women in the Textile Industry ★

We’ve developed a Business Support App for our SewBosses and distributed smart phones to them to help take their home-businesses into the digital age.  Click HERE to learn more.

We’ve had such great success with this tool that we are expanding it over 2021/2022 to include a whole database of entrepreneurship training geared towards providing a business support tool for women everywhere!