Sparrow Society is thrilled to announce our first annual Survivor Art Series in a traveling art show titled “The Art of Empowerment”. This inspiring collection is curated with pieces made by Survivors of Gender-Based Violence and Human Trafficking from local women’s empowerment organisation, Sparrow Society, with the goal to provide both art therapy to Survivors while inviting the wider public to engage with the issues of GBV and Human Trafficking through their inspiring artworks.

Beloved Cape Town artist, Amy Ayanda led 14 inspiring women through an art instruction workshop, coaching them through the art processes of impressionism and pointillism to create moving art works that tell of story of empowerment, healing and freedom.


"This Place" by Amy Ayanda

Amy has generously donated her original artwork to be a part of this auction. Artwork is A2 size and framed.

From Amy Ayanda:

“Creativity is not a talent, it is a way of operating. It is an ability to play and to let go of any pre- conceived possible outcomes and it is something that we need to re-learn with practice in our adult lives. As children we do it quite naturally. I had the privilege of teaching a group of survivors of GBV and Human Trafficking in partnership with Sparrow Society. Having been a victim of domestic abuse and obstetric violence myself, facilitating this space reminded me why I love this work so much and brought me to tears more than once during the session. What a privilege and honour to be involved in this important work.”

From Kate Brim-Senekal, founder of Sparrow Society and Survivor of GBV (CSA)

“Art and creative expression can help us process trauma and stress in new ways that can open up new pathways and help heal parts of us that we have kept hidden away. It can be a way for us to express emotions in a way that is safe and even comforting.

The art works that we create become a part of our story that we are able to share with the world that invites them into a space of peace and healing as well.”

The original art works are part of an online auction, with the proceeds being split between the survivors themselves and going to support Sparrow Society’s work with GBV survivors through their Power Pads program. The artworks will also be created into limited edition prints and retail items for awareness campaigns and further impact.

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