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Sparrow Society – Ethical Manufature of Branded Textile products

#Know Who Made It

Why? Because People Matter.
and Stuff is never just Stuff.

Stuff is made by real people, with real hopes & dreams and real value.

When we choose to buy ethically-made products, we choose to sustainably support REAL people.



Ethically made

All our products are ethically made with a purpose to empower & encourage. We follow fair trade policies and offer extended benefits to our Creators.


We follow strict international quality standards, complete with AGOA certification. Sparrow Society is a registered legal entity in both South Africa (NPC) and in the USA (LLC). We export often, work with reliable customs brokers, and are able to see the product all the way through to delivery.

Non Profit Company

Sparrow Society is a Non Profit Company. This means that our profit doesn't get distributed to Shareholders, but rather gets sown back into our programs, trainings and opportunities for our Creators.

Custom Branded Products!

Custom Branded Totes

Promotional Cosmetic Bags

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Branded Product Portfolio

Founder, Kate Senekal, shares the story behind the brand:

The Products:


Creating high quality products is incredibly important to us, not only to satisfy our customers, but because it fulfills one of our core missions to truly empower, uplift and train our Creators to be their very best. Creating an ethos of EXCELLENCE is paramount to this goal.


We have strict quality control guidelines to make sure all our products look exactly the way they are supposed to. Because we sell online and in largely wholesale capacities, it is very important to us to create our products with a consistency that our customers can trust.


We are a brand that cares. We care that you have deadlines. We care about your time and your investment. We do our very best to ensure that the promises we make are always kept. We go the extra mile to ensure that we are able to fulfill deadlines for orders placed and that a quality product is always delivered.


No more frumpy fair-trade goods that are only bought out of pity. Part of creating dignifying work is to create beautiful products that people actually WANT to buy. We never want anyone to purchase our goods out of pity for our creators, but because they value the craftmanship that went into making it.

The Purpose:


Sustainable economic empowerment is one of the keys to a flourishing future for any country. To empower someone with the means to provide for their family has much further reaching impact that merely putting food on the table. A hand up is better than a hand out. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to provide this means of empowerment in various fields and have several projects running in a variety of industries: textile, coffee, jewelry, and tech (coming soon!).


Sparrow Society very proudly follows standardized Fair Trade Principles. So many of the clothes, accessories and gadgets we buy are made in sweatshops with no way for us to check up on fair labour practices. Often companies will prioritize their profit margins over the safety and dignity of the people actually making their products. Our company was built for the people, not the products, so we make sure to pay our amazing creators the wages they deserve plus benefits (including retirement annuity and risk benefits) and offer business support for those wanting to move on and start their own brands and companies.


Many of our Creators come to us with very little skill and even less experience. We train in basic employable skills as well as provide a structured environment within which our Creators learn the importance of quality, consistency and doing everything with excellence. We also upskill in sewing, textile printing methods and various other creative and admin tasks. For those with entrepreneurial leanings, they can take it one step further with our Creative Business Course and Enterprise Development opportunities.


We have 70 SewBOSSes that have gone through basic business orientation and are set up to run a sewing business from their home.  They are able to further upskill themselves through our Creative Business Course and tech training courses which allows them an opportunity to take their business even further. 

We also assist those who have developed their own product line and brand with product development to get their product to standards to sell in traditional marketplaces and even ready for exporting.

We have also had the immense privilege of sowing our profits back into other communities and African countries through the YES Girl Project entrepreneur training program.