Tech Empowers Women in Textile Industry



Sparrow Society has created an innovative training and business support app for their SewBoss Network – a thriving network of home-based sewing businesses run by 95% women! Providing smartphones and app training has taken their businesses into the tech-savvy future.
The focus for our SewBoss Network for 2021 is to help them take their businesses to the next level. With technology becoming such an important aspect in all industries, we want to ensure our SewBosses are equipped and ready to adapt. So we’ve built tech into our program for 2021! Not only do our SewBosses now have their very own SewBoss App, but we’ve been able to distribute Smart Phones to them to be able to access this tool as well as other Business support apps. Now that they have their very own smartphone and the training to utilize these tools, they are able to communicate quickly and effectively with clients and suppliers, create professional digital invoices, access business support tools and even use the high-quality camera on the phone to take better pictures of their product.
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